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All The Advantages You Will Find In Miami - Florida

The prices of properties in most cases are lower than the prices of affordable properties in other countries of the American continent (Understanding from Canada to Argentina)


Florida offers a wide variety of properties and areas that you can choose according to your lifestyle. 

Give your family the security and comfort of having their own home and not having to pay rent for the rest of their lives or hotel expenses, in addition to that your children will always have their own place to go. 

Be prepared for business opportunities, your children’s education, and job offers that your employer has to offer. 

Facilitate their arrival when the business opportunity presents or materializes. 

Give your children the opportunity to study in an educational system of recognized prestige. 

To be able to share and be closer to their relatives who live in Florida. 

Enjoy personal security and socioeconomic stability. 

Escaping political troubles and personal insecurity while making a smart investment. 

Know that there is a democratic system that respects private property rights. 

Have the ease and tranquility of vacationing at any time of the year at your convenience. 

A destination where you can get a wide variety of product and service options offered from all over the world. 

Opportunity to relax, clear your mind, get new ideas away from your daily environment. 

Having a second home to live, vacation or retire in a stable country and a very favorable climate throughout the year. 

Miami is listed as one of the most accessible states for international buyers, the low prices, recreation areas and incentives granted to the seller confirm this. The market is currently listed as 50% cheaper in the last five years compared to other states in the US, the fall of the dollar gives greater discounts for foreign buyers. 

The Most Attractive Market for International Buyers, Florida is one of the most important states in the US and South Florida is the main market for international buyers, and is expected to outperform other US markets for a long time. time in the future. 

Enviable Climate: The only major “subtropical” city in the US average continental temperature of 75ºF / 23ºC 

Spectacular Beaches, Greater Miami alone has 84 kilometers of Atlantic ocean coastline and 67 square miles of inland waterways and more than 15 kilometers of world-famous beaches. 

Water Sports and Recreational Activities such as snorkeling, sailing, boating, kayaking, swimming, diving and other water sports throughout the year. 

Nautical Paradise, With more than 42,000 Nautical vessels, Broward County is also known as the “Yachting Capital of the World”. 

An exciting lifestyle for everyone: adults, youth, families, retirees, celebrities and visitors, museums, performing arts centers, art galleries, professional sports, and incredible places to shop. 

Fabulous nightlife, Ocean Drive and the best restaurants, nightclubs, bars, world famous spots. 

Restaurants: In Miami you can taste cuisine around the world unlike any other city in the US. 

Entertainment industry, a major fashion hub, the world’s leading modeling agencies, Fashion Week and more than 2,400 motion image and video companies. 

Opportunities in residential and commercial real estate, Vacancy rates for all commercial sectors in Miami are below the national average, retail and residential and multi-family opportunities are outpacing most of the major markets in the US. 

Shopping Centers, From the elegant boutiques on Lincoln Road in South Beach, major shopping centers such as the Dolphin mall and International mall, the new luxury stores in Gulfstream Park to the largest shopping center in the world, Sawgrass Mills in Broward. Buying options extend across the county. 

«Puerta de las Américas» Strategic location between Latin America and Europe, «Capital of the Americas» perfect for business or pleasure. 

Casinos and Games, such as the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino, and the Isle Casino & Racing. 

The Most International City in the US, about 50% of the population was born abroad and more than 100 different languages ​​are spoken. 

Global Business Center, for business, finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts and international trade; there is no state income tax, it is home to about 1,200 multinational companies from 56 countries, more than 100 international consulates, commercial offices and binational chambers of commerce. 

International Events, Don’t miss out on major international events such as the Winterfest Boat Parade, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the Air and Sea Show, and the Broward International Film Festival. 

Hotels, Miami is ranked fifth in the US in the successful Hospitality Industry after New York, the island of Oahu, San Francisco and Boston. 

Excellent Tourist Destination: 12.6 million visitors and 6 million of them are international visitors. 

International Flights Capital with 33.5 million passengers a year, more than 80 airlines to 120 destinations, top cargo airport in the US, with 1.8 million tons $ 19 billion in business revenue / year. 

Port of Miami: “Cruise Capital of the World” with more than 4 million passengers a year, it also serves 240 seaports, 9 million tons of sea cargo; main markets: China, Italy, Hong Kong, Honduras and Brazil. 

Educational Institutions: the fourth largest school districts in the US, 5 colleges and universities, 3 law schools. 

Hospitals: 33 hospitals; Jackson Memorial is one of the top 25 Hospitals in the United States and Miami Children’s is ranked the top pediatric hospital in the country. 

Miami has the highest concentration of international banks in the US. 

Miami ranks third in the US behind New York City and Chicago and 18th in the world’s Architecture and Design Almanac. 

Miami is the only major city in the United States surrounded by two national parks, Everglades National Park to the west, and Biscayne National Park to the east. 


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