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Do you want to invest in Miami?

Check out these tips before doing it!


These are simple but essential steps when it comes to investing in Miami. It is important to remember the importance of advice, that is why there are advisers or brokers. 

To obtain a business it is essential that you denote the following: 

How much do you have to invest? It is essential that you have a stable economic base and are aware of the amount you have to start with. 

Many people also opt for professional advice, in this case you should look for a comprehensive company from start to finish, in order to obtain concrete results that provide transparency and tranquility in each of the aspects involved with the investment and / or process phases. migratory. 

It should be noted that it is not vitally important that you have a visa to be able to invest within the country, it is essential only to have a legal passport from your country of origin to be able to legally start or undertake in the United States, many cases are presented as investors to choose a visa that allows them to live legally in this country whose period is 2 years and is extendable. 

Many young people have emigrated to Miami becoming such young entrepreneurs and thus being the replacement generation. All this is also attributed to technological advances that continue to grow year after year. 

The languages ​​that are not lacking in the investment capital are English, Spanish and Creole, they are the most abundant languages ​​on the streets of Miami. 

Miami, known for being the open door for many Latin Americans who, in their country of origin lack security, a good economy, and socio-political problems, is nothing more than that; the refuge of all those people who come first looking for tranquility, investment, business and more of their own income. But have you ever wondered how much it costs to live in Miami? A GROUP established some basic budgets: 

As far as housing is concerned, there are different options. To rent: in a good place you will find studios between U $ 800 and U $ 1000, one-bedroom apartments between U $ 1,000 and U $ 1,200, two between U $ 1,450 and U $ 1,650 and three above this price. 

To buy: This is a good time to buy real estate in MIAMI, since the tourist and migration demand is growing exponentially, and we can find homes with prices so close to those of other cities in Latin America, but with the great advantage of generating Income in Dollars is considered one of the currencies with the highest banking traceability in the world and with the best value compared to Latin American currencies. 

Prices vary according to the location and condition of the property, but a three-bedroom apartment in a good neighborhood could cost around US $ 130,000 and up. 

When you arrive in Miami, contact us, we are Smart Investment Advisors, we handle real estate, one of the advantages of having us is that we will pick you up and take you in one of our vehicles so that you can look at the different options with ease and comfort, all this without you paying anything.

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